HW25:Team Progress II

We have now finished the driver, the output, and the 25 required test cases for our project.  Not much has changed since the last reflection in terms of organization.  There still hasn't been an issue with the workflow of our group.  This time I worked more heavily on the coding and html output, and left the documentation to Thomas.  We have had some discussions on some of the required specifications for the output based on feedback by Dr. Bowring.  We may do some cleaning up to make sure that we're all using the same conventions and that everything is organized properly before we are finished.  Another problem that we may address is that the project still has issues running on some machines.  For example, my desktop at home (Windows, Python 3, Pycharm) is unable to recognize some of the directories in the project and won't run, whereas my laptop (with the exact same setup) does run.  But considering the fact that I am using Windows, Johnnie is using Mac, and Thomas is using Linux, I was not surprised that there was at least a small issue with the project being constantly pulled into different environments (Also every time Thomas edits a file it converts all the spacing in the document, which he has to adjust manually to run).  Over all, I think we have adequately met the requirements of the project and are on a good track for the final deliverable and report.  


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