HW 21: Team Progress I

Reflections on Team Progress

Team TBD: Johnnie Cooper, Thomas Setzler, Austin Purtell

Our team has been working very well together on this project.  Thomas and Johnnie are both good teammates.  At the beginning of the project we decided on testing SugarLabs and the Sugar learning environment.  We decided to split our team up into roles in order to facilitate collaboration.  We wanted to make sure that each person worked on every aspect of the project, but we thought that assigning roles would ensure that we don't step on each other's toes too much and we can weight our influence in each area, even if we only loosely abide by them.  Johnnie's the engineer - managing the code, making sure it's using good practices and organized properly.  I'm the scribe - making sure we have the appropriate documentation, are following the specifications of the project accurately, and reflect on each deliverable for the chapter summary.  Thomas is the lead - he turns in all the deliverables, implements code we've worked on, and ties it all together.  Of course, I've done coding and Johnnie has done documentation and Thomas has done both as well. 

For the most part we've been able to get each deliverable done in a reasonable fashion, worked ahead, and been able to meet up when necessary -- something I am extremely grateful for based on prior experiences in group projects.  I think we were also fortunate to have picked Sugar, as we haven't had as many technical issues as some of the other groups have.  Although, I have had an issue with getting the project to run on my computers at some points through the project.  


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